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Our security arrangements consist of a variety of measures and procedures developed, coordinated and implemented with the police and responsible authorities. Of course, we have also exchanged ideas with other festivals and coordinated our approaches.
However, we also need the help of all attendees.
The better festival attendees observe the rules and requirements, the more efficiently, quickly and effectively controls can be carried out at the admission points to the festival site. Please ensure that you observe our detailed security and safety advice.



On entry to the festival site, a search (body check) for prohibited items is conducted on all people.
Get more informations about permitted and prohibited items here and in in our house rules of the festival site.



Alongside personal clothing, the only items permitted onto then festival site are mobile phones, wallets/purses, keys, belt and bum bags, small handbags which do not exceed DIN A4 in size as well as Bags, rucksacks made of clear plastic, clear vinyl or clear PVC, with a maximum size of 44cm high x 37cm wide x 30cm tall are allowed.


No exceptions will be made beyond this.

Please understand that these measures are in place for everybody’s protection.
They assist with thorough entry controls and body checks, as does attendees arriving in good time at the entrance to the festival site.



You can bring empty collapsible drink bottles to the Festival site. There are free-of-charge drinking-water taps available on the festival site. You can refill your collapsible drink bottles there. Bringing your own drinks and food onto the event site is forbidden.


  1. Wallet / purse
  2. Keys
  3. Small belt pouches and bum bags
  4. Small handbags which do not exceed DIN A4 in size
  5. Bags made of clear plastic, clear vinyl or clear PVC, which do not exceed 44cm high x 37cm wide x 30cm tall in size
  6. Mobile telephones
  7. Empty, collapsible drink bottles
  8. Single-use cameras
  9. Pocket cameras
  10. Small necklaces
  11. small power banks



Among others prohibited items include:

  1. Any bags and any rucksacks / backpacks except permitted bags (see permitted item)
  2. Drinks and fluids of any kind
  3. Helmets, masks, disguises (except for commercially customary face masks for hygienic purposes)
  4. Firearms, cutting, stabbing and other weapons of all types
  5. Saws, axes, hatchets and similar tools
  6. Fireworks, sparklers and other pyrotechnic items of any kind (incl. Bengal lights)
  7. Chairs, seating furniture and seating (e.g. polystyrene cubes)
  8. RECORDING DEVICES: Professional sound, photographic and video equipment is prohibited
  9. Notebooks, tablets and other computers
  10. Laser pointers
  11. Bulky items of all types e.g. ladders, chairs, flagpoles, umbrellas, camping equipment, selfie sticks
  12. Drugs of any kind
  13. Glascontainers, Gas, aerosols, deodorant sprays, hairspray
  14. Drums, vuvuzelas and/or other mechanical or electronic devices to make noise
  15. Spiked bracelets, large chains, wallet chains, collars
  16. Inline skates, rollerblades, skateboards
  17. Bicycles, stroller
  18. Any materials which are or may be racist, threatening, harassing, degrading, hateful or intimidating, defamatory, fraudulent or tortious, obscene, indecent, pornographic or otherwise objectionable



Any endangerment of other attendees – particularly from “crowd surfing”, “circle/wall of death”, “pogo dancing” or lighting fireworks (incl. Bengal lights) – is strictly prohibited and will result in exclusion from the event.



All attendees are asked to be highly attentive and vigilant. If you notice anything suspicious, please inform security staff or the police immediately.




In the event of any medical or other emergencies and if you discover a fire, please immediately inform nearby security staff. They have a radio link to our control centre and can arrange assistance for you as quickly as possible. If there are no security staff nearby, please call 110 or 112 directly!



We will use the following media to keep you informed about weather developments and any necessary emergency procedures:

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